Local government is closest to the people and it should feel that way to citizens. My goal is to make City Hall as accessible, transparent, and inclusive as possible.

As citizens, it should be easy for you to know and reach your representatives on Council. To remain accessible to constituents, I’ll hold regular office hours in neighborhoods throughout the city. I’ll also work to establish a Greenville Citizens Academy to educate and empower our City’s future local government leaders.

Because City Hall can be an intimidating and inconvenient place to navigate, Greenville should join Richland County, Charleston, Charleston County, and other governments around the state and country in both broadcasting and recording its council and committee of the whole meetings. We should also rotate occasional council meetings through neighborhoods to give all citizens an opportunity to attend, observe, and be heard.

We’ve also got work to do to ensure our boards and commissions reflect the diversity of the communities they represent. It’s past time for the City to undertake an extensive outreach and recruitment effort to bring representative voices to the table.