Shift the balance on June 11th

All three city-wide seats are held by people who live in District 4. It’s time to build new power in Greenville that represents everybody from every district and every walk of life. I am the only person running who can shift the balance. Vote for me on June 11th for a more representative City Hall.

Kick-off Meet & Greet

This campaign is about making sure every single person who lives in the City of Greenville has the opportunity and tools they need to succeed.

We know the future of Greenville is one that’s inclusive and accessible – and that’s what we’re going to fight for every day. Join us as we grow together.

At-large Seats

The at-large seats on Greenville City Council represent every person who lives within city limits. Unfortunately no one from a neighborhood like mine has ever held an at-large seat. Of the seven city council members (including the Mayor), four are filled by folks from a single district.

How can our city have a balance of power when over half of our city representatives come from the same district? I’m the only person running for the at-large seat who can shift that balance.

As the city grows and as that growth disproportionately affects underrepresented communities through gentrification, it’s important that we have people with different lived experiences sitting on City Council — and that’s exactly why I’m running.